Alex Brusse
November 26, 1954
Weesp, The Netherlands

Composer, (music) teacher, conductor.
Studied at the Acadamy of the Arts in Utrecht (Conservatory of Utrecht) and the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.
From 1963 onwards he followed classes at the “Volksmuziekschool”in Zaandam. The first orchestra he participated in was the Royal Verkade Harmony.

Alex is flutist in the Dutch Flute Orchestra since 2006, and is also currently active as a teacher and coordinator of various projects of “Het Musiater”, a school for theatre and music education in Zevenaar, subsidized by the Royal Orange Fund & The Culture Education Fund.

Alex has established his own music school, “Pro Muze” in Lichtenvoorde (Oost Gelre) where he teaches keyboard, flute, clarinet, and saxophone. In addition, he offers music-therapy to special needs students. He also provides music lessons via the Dutch organisation “Popschool Nederland”.

Futhermore, Alex works as a conductor, organist and cantor at the diocese of Utrecht and the diocese of Munster, Germany.
He educates music-teachers and students in special programs, by means of active instruction methods and result-oriented teaching.

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